Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer News for SpiderForest!

We’ve got the big SpiderForest news you’ve all been waiting for: we’re accepting applications this August, from August 1-24, after which applications will be voted on by our members. If you’re interested in the opportunity to be a member of the SpiderForest webcomic collective, check out the application page for more details, join the forum and ask any pressing questions, and most importantly: get your application in before the final week of August! We can’t wait to read your comic!


Member news:

Would you like to see your art in The Only Half Saga: Redemption when it comes out in October? I am currently holding a TOHS Fan Art Contest running from now until September 1st! All entries will be published with the novel, plus there are prizes for the top three entries! Check out the rules and guidelines here: or here: … -383975748

Sunset Grill ( ) will turn five on August 4th! Thank you to all the folks who think over four hundred pages of science fiction barflies is worth a read.

The Spiderforest Webcomic Collective will have a table at the Small Press Expo ( ) this year! The Expo is in Bethesda, MD on September 14-15th. It’s our first time trying the convention scene as a collective, so if you’re in the area, drop by and see us!

dream*scar is off of hiatus!

Got tablet/e-reader? The first chapter of Twilight Lady is available as a free digital comic from and

And the ongoing Twilight Lady webcomic has a new artist beginning with the latest chapter.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 2013 news

January news! We’re not dead. Due to shenanigans involving all the SpiderForest admins being busy at once, admission season has been delayed! Potential applicants are welcome to join the forum and hang around. Happy new year.


School Spirit will reach it’s 1,250th regular strip on January 22nd. That’s a thousand strips and a quarter of the next thousand. That’s… bloody ridiculous for something I knew I didn’t have the time for…

Gemutations: Plague has started it’s latest chapter “A Wrench in the Works”. Bull should have known that Blue, being Tigershark’s daughter, would be more than capable of holding a grudge! What her plans are will unfold as the chapter progresses…so stay tuned!

Late January will herald the next chapter in “Of Dhampirs and Warlocks” for TOHS. “Playing With Fire” brings about the return of familiar faces and a conflict between old and new cast members!

Cetiya has tentatively begun updating again. Huzzah? Posting frequency will vary depending work schedule, so feel free to check in every now and again for new pages. Additionally, the creator apologizes for being an ass. More additionally, it rains a lot in Seattle.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Mid-September News for 2012

Updates to ““Cetiya” will be sporadic while Mitsukaiten packs up her apartment, interviews for jobs, and moves to the other end of the country. She apologizes for the interruption of service, but assures the public that, yes, there are legitimate reasons for it. Big, grown-up reasons.

After a 5-month minicomic intermission, the main story in Chirault will be resuming this Monday. The site will be going back to a twice-weekly update schedule.

Silent Pirate hits one year old as of September 6th! It is also wrapping up Chapter 7, and with it the first act of the story!

The first ever Twilight Lady tale, The Secret of Cass Corridor, is now available as a free ebook from Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and other major retailers!

School Spirit just recently passed the 1200 mark.

October 1st will mark the release of the novel “The Only Half Saga: Before the Fall” in Kindle, Nook, Epub and even print! So check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Createspace to pick up your poison! Ebooks will be on sale for $.99 throughout the month of October in celebration of Cabal’s birthday – I mean the release of the book, and print copies are $12 plus S&H (514 pages of reading)! After November First prices for Ebooks will be going up to $2.99.

October also marks the end of the “Not Ready to Die” Run and the beginning of “Of Dhampirs and Warlocks” on The Only Half Saga Comic! Join me as we follow a completely different dhampir for a while. Garrett Kelly returns to the fold…older, but not necessarily wiser. He’s still looking for Cabal and on a tip heads to the town of Yew. While it doesn’t seem like the kind of place Cabal would hang out – Garrett finds something interesting that might get him closer to his nemesis…. The fun begins October 10th!

That also means that NRTD will get shuffled to where it SHOULD be in the TOHS timeline (Between Epiphany and Sins) which will happen shortly after the end of NRTD’s run.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

August news

New comics for August!
Iron Clad Man
Snow by Night
Demon Hunter Kain

If you’re interested in joining SpiderForest, application season opens again in January. Reapplicants are always welcome, and we look forward to reading your comics come next season.

And now for the August member news.

dream*scar is going on hiatus on August 3rd so that Heather can evict that pesky baby she’s been harboring for several months now. Feel free to keep up with news about the comic’s return or other d*s related things via twitter or facebook.

Willow’s Grove will hit episode 900 next week (which, really, the numbering is kinda’ off as I am finding more of my older strips in either digital copy or hardcopy and rescanning them to put into the archive so the number is actually over 1100, but I’m using the numbering system from the restart in 2008 for the 900 number).

Part 2 of Twilight Lady: OCCUPY Senserealm begins this month. WARNING: Chapter contains cameos by characters from 3 SpiderForest comics – LeyLines, The Only Half Saga, and Dream*scar!

Sunset Grill turned four years old and reached 350 pages in the first week of August. The creator is trying to look like she planned that.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SpiderForest news for July 2012

SpiderForest is open for applications until the end of July. If you’ve been thinking about it, now’s the time to get your application in!


The Only Half Saga’s last chapter of Endgame – “Life’s Stupidities” comes to a conclusion on July 4th! With every ending there is a new beginning and TOHS is no exception. Beginning the very next Monday (July 10th), “Not Ready to Die” joins the ranks with a three time a week update schedule! Hope to see you there!

The Online Store for Leylines is OPEN! Whether you’re looking for the ultimate collector’s edition hardcover Volume One, the sleek and money-saving Paperback or you’re in the mood for fun buttons, bookmarks, and [url=”>posters, the there’s something exciting for you to discover! Explore the Online Store today!

The online store for Malaak, Angel of Peace has been revamped, providing easier access to the books as well as original art and other collector items.
Malaak‘s also been on the international scene this week being a guest at the Hay Festival, with a feature by Paul Gravett.

I just finished putting together School Spirit’s 100th story arc, which has been running on site for about a week or two so far. 100 story arcs is a milestone, isn’t it?
News for SPINE! Chapter 3: Infiltrators is complete. In July, the second book will be on iBookstore and Chapter 4 will begin! Stay tuned for the third apocalypse.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Member News for June 2012

July is coming up! SpiderForest is open for applications in July, so have a look at the application page to learn what you’ve gotta do. Applications go through an approval process to keep things relatively close-knit… we’re looking for comics and creators that enhance our selection, who will benefit from the collective. If you’re an interested SpiderForest reader with a comic, get your applications ready for July 1st! Anyone with any type of comic is welcome to apply, we’re not theme-exclusive, but you can get a good idea of what we love and are more likely to accept by reading our other comics.


Tuesday, 12th June, is School Spirit’s eighth anniversary.

Any reader guest art people want to send in about the kids and the spirits will go up through the week onto the front page as happens each anniversary week.

Then… it’s back to normal updates again.

Cos there aren’t enough of those yet.



Footloose series 2 has begun! Keti is back at the Dojo, and has her brain back under her full control now, Sparkle is still missing, and things ought to be great. But her two best friends are sort of …distracted, and a mystery is unfolding at the Dojo as some new students pay a visit. Our resident herione/terrible martial artist will have to turn detective and use all the skills at her disposal to unravel the plot before something bad happens…

We’d also like to thank everyone for their patience whilst we’ve been on hiatus, and hope they’re enjoyed the intermission!


“Cetiya” turns four on June 15th! Well… that’s four in internet posting years. Closer to six if we count when the planning and research started. Honestly, let’s just go with four.


The Only Half Saga turns six years old this month! Now no need for celebrations, Cabal hates birthdays…so don’t feel the need for fan arts or special wishes (at least don’t give them to him!)


On Gemutations this month, “Reminiscing” comes to its conclusion, and a new chapter starts. “Small Miracles” will be picking up on June 18th! Can’t really explain that without spoiling something so I’ll let you guys discover for yourself!


And one more item of note! G: P and TOHS are being consolidated under a single home page – Darwin Comics! While the redirects aren’t yet completed, the site is up and running! All major news will be announced through the blog on the page, while each week’s comics will have a synopsis included. Stop by, take a look around, bookmark it if you will, and let me know what you think!


On Panthera, “An Ounce of Chaos” finally concludes this week with our mystery villain. Don’t forget to check up on us later this week for the cover of our next chapter.


Between Places is off of hiatus! We thank you for your patience and invite you to check out the latest page of the short comic Those Who Favor Fire or click the link to read it from the beginning.


After a long hiatus due to life circumstances, Malaak is updating again!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Member News for Spring 2012

Think Before You Think now has its own forum! Come join the discussion – vote for your favorite character, and tell us what superpower you would like to have.

News: SPINE #1 is also on available on Amazon Kindle as well iBookstore.

A new Twilight Lady tale, “OCCUPY Senserealm”, begins! The Nameless Lady in the Hood wakes up in a realm completely alien to one such as she – a college campus! Where a strange sort of gathering is taking place… one with a mystery guest of honor from a neighboring dimension.

The Only Half Saga begins the final chapter of Endgame: “Life’s Stupidities.” With that the title has moved up to two updates a week! Check back every Wednesday and Saturday for a new page!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Member news for March 2012

April is a big month for the Gemutations universe!

April marks the 7th anniversary of the publishing of “Gemutations: Mercenaries and Angels”

As a celebration of sorts, the sequel, Gemutations: Plague is now out in the written version for kindle! If you’ve been dying to see the story in it’s written version, wait no more! The book will also be added to the direct lending library for those who have a premium Amazon membership! Borrow away! The more clicks the better!

Additionally the Gemutations: Plague comic officially turns 6 years old this month!


News: SPINE #1 Submarine Sundrive Complex is now available on iBookstore for all you iPads and iPhones.


The latest Twilight Lady storyline, Dance of the Indwellers, reaches its powerful conclusion this month!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Member News for March 2012

Darwin and her husband will be celebrating 19 years of marriage this month! Against all the obstacles (Navy, deployments, separations and the like) their love is still going strong! This year will be one of the few that they’ve not been able to do something special as a couple to celebrate the occasion…(is a little sad)…but they’ll make up for it when he comes home again! *Wink*

Additionally Gemutations: Plague’s editing (the written version) is near completion! With luck and perseverance, the sequel to her first novel, Gemutations: Mercenaries and Angels (soon to hit it’s 7th year in print), will be available for purchase by April!!

Chapter Nine of Elaine Corvidae’s Riven Sol is now available for download as a high-quality, DRM-free PDF from DriveThru Comics.

There is a new short story available for What it Takes fans! The Proposal is a 13-page pdf story narrated by Colbey with 1-4 illustrations per page. It’s the story of how Peter proposed to Colbey, what happened to Colbey the last night she saw Peter face to face, and why these two haven’t seen each other in 8 years. Buy it here! Up until March 20, everyone who buys it will be entered in a raffle to win an original drawing.

LeyLines will be celebrating its one-year anniversary March 2nd with an increased update schedule! Now bringing you conspiracy, nefarious gods, and troublesome siblings THREE times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

This Monday Footloose reached it’s 450th page and by some stunning piece of serendipity page 45 of chapter 12 and the end of Series 1!
We’ll be doing art posts instead every Monday for the next couple of months as we prepare for series 2 to begin- but then Keti and her gang will be back with a new adventure, some new faces, weird martial arts and a mystery to solve!
In the mean time we are also preparing the whole first series for print, and the proofs of chapters 1-5 (and the second edition of Cherry Ch 0&1) arrived this morning. I am incredibly excited about this, it is like Christmas up in here!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Member News for February 2012

SpiderForest has a whole list of brand new comics added to the flock!

Say hello to our new members and check out their comics!

Dark White

Gods of the Game


Ley Lines


Silent Pirate

LaSalles Legacy

And now, for our regular member news!

Chromacorps will be going into it’s 8th Episode on February 1st! Within the course of Episode 8, but not in February, Chromacorps will hit it’s 200th comic. There will also be a few new twists, some reveals, and some pretty serious situations for a few members of the team. So stay tuned every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

What it Takes turned two years old on January 19th! Belated, but eh, still cool right? Arc 9 starts on February 15th and will finally reveal what Colbey did to make Arthur want to kill her.

Xander has changed update schedules from Mondays only to Tuesdays and Fridays.

Twilight Lady: “Dance of the Indwellers”, a complete standalone digital graphic novel available for $0.99, is currently in the top ten bestseller list at

Mitsukaiten’s (Cetiya) birthday is this month! Show your love and appreciation with fanarts. Or comments. Or recommendations. Or, you know, just reading her comic. She likes it when people do that.

Chirault is returning to a twice-weekly update schedule starting this month– Mondays and Fridays.

Willow’s Grove starts volume 9 next week as the Nexus Saga heads into full battle mode…
(this week offers some nice ‘splosions today and tomorrow)

Mr V is off to camp ALL THIS WEEK (Feb 13 – 17) so you won’t hear anything from him due to no internet and forty four kids running around not letting him sleep. But meanwhile, you can still read School Spirit until he comes back because he was nice and prepared and has a buffer. While you’re reading, offer a silent little prayer. If he ends up falling in stinging nettles, he knows no one did and will come back in a grump.

Sunset Grill reached its 300th page on February 3rd.

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