Friday, September 21, 2012

Mid-September News for 2012

Updates to ““Cetiya” will be sporadic while Mitsukaiten packs up her apartment, interviews for jobs, and moves to the other end of the country. She apologizes for the interruption of service, but assures the public that, yes, there are legitimate reasons for it. Big, grown-up reasons.

After a 5-month minicomic intermission, the main story in Chirault will be resuming this Monday. The site will be going back to a twice-weekly update schedule.

Silent Pirate hits one year old as of September 6th! It is also wrapping up Chapter 7, and with it the first act of the story!

The first ever Twilight Lady tale, The Secret of Cass Corridor, is now available as a free ebook from Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and other major retailers!

School Spirit just recently passed the 1200 mark.

October 1st will mark the release of the novel “The Only Half Saga: Before the Fall” in Kindle, Nook, Epub and even print! So check out Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Createspace to pick up your poison! Ebooks will be on sale for $.99 throughout the month of October in celebration of Cabal’s birthday – I mean the release of the book, and print copies are $12 plus S&H (514 pages of reading)! After November First prices for Ebooks will be going up to $2.99.

October also marks the end of the “Not Ready to Die” Run and the beginning of “Of Dhampirs and Warlocks” on The Only Half Saga Comic! Join me as we follow a completely different dhampir for a while. Garrett Kelly returns to the fold…older, but not necessarily wiser. He’s still looking for Cabal and on a tip heads to the town of Yew. While it doesn’t seem like the kind of place Cabal would hang out – Garrett finds something interesting that might get him closer to his nemesis…. The fun begins October 10th!

That also means that NRTD will get shuffled to where it SHOULD be in the TOHS timeline (Between Epiphany and Sins) which will happen shortly after the end of NRTD’s run.

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