Saturday, November 5, 2011

Member News for November 2011

Darc Sowers of Code Name Hunter has a couple of original pages of artwork from her comic up for sale for our artist auction. See them here and consider buying! Various non-original prints are also up on Artfire (more prints coming soon!) and all profits will be donated to a SpiderForest member in financial need.


The first Think Before You Think comic book is out! It includes the first 93 comic pages, as well as some commentary and deleted scenes. Sold at Indy Planet. Details here.


Cetiya will be on hiatus for the month of November while the multiple-projects-at-once-challenged creator attempts to write a novel in 30 days. Wish her luck, and be sure to come back at the end of the month.


Chapter 8 of Riven Sol is now available on DriveThru Comics (along with the first seven chapters).


November 10th is Darwin’s birthday! She would be most grateful for gifts of art…comic related or not! Well wishes will be accepted if the short fuse is too short!

If all goes well (I hope I hope I hope) Plague will hit its 250th page on the 21st of November. Fan Arts are most welcome, and with the bigger readership, Darwin is hoping to have a more successful “Name that Frame” event with the title!

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