Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Member News for March 2012

Darwin and her husband will be celebrating 19 years of marriage this month! Against all the obstacles (Navy, deployments, separations and the like) their love is still going strong! This year will be one of the few that they’ve not been able to do something special as a couple to celebrate the occasion…(is a little sad)…but they’ll make up for it when he comes home again! *Wink*

Additionally Gemutations: Plague’s editing (the written version) is near completion! With luck and perseverance, the sequel to her first novel, Gemutations: Mercenaries and Angels (soon to hit it’s 7th year in print), will be available for purchase by April!!

Chapter Nine of Elaine Corvidae’s Riven Sol is now available for download as a high-quality, DRM-free PDF from DriveThru Comics.

There is a new short story available for What it Takes fans! The Proposal is a 13-page pdf story narrated by Colbey with 1-4 illustrations per page. It’s the story of how Peter proposed to Colbey, what happened to Colbey the last night she saw Peter face to face, and why these two haven’t seen each other in 8 years. Buy it here! Up until March 20, everyone who buys it will be entered in a raffle to win an original drawing.

LeyLines will be celebrating its one-year anniversary March 2nd with an increased update schedule! Now bringing you conspiracy, nefarious gods, and troublesome siblings THREE times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

This Monday Footloose reached it’s 450th page and by some stunning piece of serendipity page 45 of chapter 12 and the end of Series 1!
We’ll be doing art posts instead every Monday for the next couple of months as we prepare for series 2 to begin- but then Keti and her gang will be back with a new adventure, some new faces, weird martial arts and a mystery to solve!
In the mean time we are also preparing the whole first series for print, and the proofs of chapters 1-5 (and the second edition of Cherry Ch 0&1) arrived this morning. I am incredibly excited about this, it is like Christmas up in here!

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