Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Member News for June 2012

July is coming up! SpiderForest is open for applications in July, so have a look at the application page to learn what you’ve gotta do. Applications go through an approval process to keep things relatively close-knit… we’re looking for comics and creators that enhance our selection, who will benefit from the collective. If you’re an interested SpiderForest reader with a comic, get your applications ready for July 1st! Anyone with any type of comic is welcome to apply, we’re not theme-exclusive, but you can get a good idea of what we love and are more likely to accept by reading our other comics.


Tuesday, 12th June, is School Spirit’s eighth anniversary.

Any reader guest art people want to send in about the kids and the spirits will go up through the week onto the front page as happens each anniversary week.

Then… it’s back to normal updates again.

Cos there aren’t enough of those yet.



Footloose series 2 has begun! Keti is back at the Dojo, and has her brain back under her full control now, Sparkle is still missing, and things ought to be great. But her two best friends are sort of …distracted, and a mystery is unfolding at the Dojo as some new students pay a visit. Our resident herione/terrible martial artist will have to turn detective and use all the skills at her disposal to unravel the plot before something bad happens…

We’d also like to thank everyone for their patience whilst we’ve been on hiatus, and hope they’re enjoyed the intermission!


“Cetiya” turns four on June 15th! Well… that’s four in internet posting years. Closer to six if we count when the planning and research started. Honestly, let’s just go with four.


The Only Half Saga turns six years old this month! Now no need for celebrations, Cabal hates birthdays…so don’t feel the need for fan arts or special wishes (at least don’t give them to him!)


On Gemutations this month, “Reminiscing” comes to its conclusion, and a new chapter starts. “Small Miracles” will be picking up on June 18th! Can’t really explain that without spoiling something so I’ll let you guys discover for yourself!


And one more item of note! G: P and TOHS are being consolidated under a single home page – Darwin Comics! While the redirects aren’t yet completed, the site is up and running! All major news will be announced through the blog on the page, while each week’s comics will have a synopsis included. Stop by, take a look around, bookmark it if you will, and let me know what you think!


On Panthera, “An Ounce of Chaos” finally concludes this week with our mystery villain. Don’t forget to check up on us later this week for the cover of our next chapter.


Between Places is off of hiatus! We thank you for your patience and invite you to check out the latest page of the short comic Those Who Favor Fire or click the link to read it from the beginning.


After a long hiatus due to life circumstances, Malaak is updating again!

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