Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Member News for February 2012

SpiderForest has a whole list of brand new comics added to the flock!

Say hello to our new members and check out their comics!

Dark White

Gods of the Game


Ley Lines


Silent Pirate

LaSalles Legacy

And now, for our regular member news!

Chromacorps will be going into it’s 8th Episode on February 1st! Within the course of Episode 8, but not in February, Chromacorps will hit it’s 200th comic. There will also be a few new twists, some reveals, and some pretty serious situations for a few members of the team. So stay tuned every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

What it Takes turned two years old on January 19th! Belated, but eh, still cool right? Arc 9 starts on February 15th and will finally reveal what Colbey did to make Arthur want to kill her.

Xander has changed update schedules from Mondays only to Tuesdays and Fridays.

Twilight Lady: “Dance of the Indwellers”, a complete standalone digital graphic novel available for $0.99, is currently in the top ten bestseller list at drivethrucomics.com

Mitsukaiten’s (Cetiya) birthday is this month! Show your love and appreciation with fanarts. Or comments. Or recommendations. Or, you know, just reading her comic. She likes it when people do that.

Chirault is returning to a twice-weekly update schedule starting this month– Mondays and Fridays.

Willow’s Grove starts volume 9 next week as the Nexus Saga heads into full battle mode…
(this week offers some nice ‘splosions today and tomorrow)

Mr V is off to camp ALL THIS WEEK (Feb 13 – 17) so you won’t hear anything from him due to no internet and forty four kids running around not letting him sleep. But meanwhile, you can still read School Spirit until he comes back because he was nice and prepared and has a buffer. While you’re reading, offer a silent little prayer. If he ends up falling in stinging nettles, he knows no one did and will come back in a grump.

Sunset Grill reached its 300th page on February 3rd.

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