Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gone and Done it.

Well, I’ve gone and done. Prior to this year (before any kind of steady income), I had never before bought graphic novels or comics. When I could read them for free online, there wasn’t much incentive, y’know? But when I finally had some spending money, I thought and thought about how I could show my appreciation to my favorite webcomickers. I mean, since I make my own webcomic, I REALLY understand how time-consuming, and pain-staking making comics is, and I also understand how little a webcomicker often receives either in the way of money or in encouragement. The internet is a hard place to set up shop.

So, I bought Katie Sweet’s Juathuur Vol 1 through Indyplanet. It turned out awesome! This was one I’ve always wanted to have in print.

I just pre-ordered Gunnerkrigg Court Vol 1 through Amazon today.

In Barnes and Noble, I couldn’t believe it, Terry Brooks had a graphic novel out–the Dark Wraith of Shannara. It’s quite fab, though a little expensive for a paperback :/ I don’t regret the buy though!

Lastly, I’m totally hooked on DJ Coffman’s Hero by Night, and ordered his volume 1 through HeavyInk. It’s hardcover, with GREAT colors and is very high quality. I am quite saddened by his latest blog post though! His stuff is awesome, and I do hope he gets the chance to continue making it!

I also have a Wowio account and download all the webcomic volumes to help their creators out.

I hope to start a collection of ALL of these^^ It feels good supporting the work of those who make great stuff!

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Monday, May 5, 2008

A preview from Requiem Vol 2

Love the blog :)

15 pages into Requiem Vol 2, and I’d thought I’d share a work in progress page….

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