Interested in being a part of SpiderForest?

SpiderForest is a collective of like-minded webcomic creators. We accept applications from new members once or twice a year. Submissions are considered by all active members of the network for inclusion.  Final decisions will be made by confidential member vote. If you’re curious about our policies, read our FAQ about applying!

Here’s a quick overview of what we’re looking for in potential members and comics!


Once accepted, members must:

  • Maintain a strong web presence: Keep their webcomics updated in a consistent manner (barring the occasional hiatus when life happens) and maintain all aspects of their own comic’s website. If you are hosting your comic on a social network, a comic host or an art gallery, you will need to independently host yourself at your own cost. (more examples/details).
  • Run the SpiderForest banner: Display the rotating SpiderForest network banner above the fold of your comic page.

  • Vote for new members: Review and vote on new member additions during our application seasons

  • Provide promo materials: Submit graphics, information, and news for the SpiderForest banner network, website, and news announcements

  • Be engaged with our community: Stay in touch with the collective via our forum community, chat, and/or social media groups.
Application Season

All applicants for the August 2017 round are required to:

  • Be CURRENTLY actively updating their webcomic at least once a week, or be scheduled to return from hiatus independent of being accepted.  Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.

  • Have at least 15 comic updates complete and available to read online. NO EXCEPTIONS! For longform comics, we STRONGLY prefer one full, non-prologue chapter to get a sense of the direction of the story.

  • Show the desire to continue their comics, and the diligence to update it to schedule.

  • Have basic knowledge of HTML/CSS and be able to take responsibility for the hosting, maintenance/construction of their own comic site.
  • spiderfriend_critique
    Have you applied to SpiderForest before? All comics are now REQUIRED to seek critique from our forum community before submitting a second application.

    You can do this by creating your own thread in the Your Projects forum or by reaching out to the admin team via forum PM or to arrange a private critique.

Application Form

* Webcomic Title: The name of your webcomic.

* Creator(s) Name(s): Everyone who works on your webcomic(writers/artists).

* Contact: Your e-mail address.

* Have you applied for Spiderforest membership in the past? To avoid confusion for both parties, Spiderforest requires all non-first-time applicants seek out critique in our forum community before you submit another application: Yes, I've applied before and received critique in the SpiderForest forumNo, this is my first time applying

* Website URL:If you do not have an independently self-hosted website in place for your comic or if your site is hosted on Smackjeeves, refer to the note below.

* Do you need hosting?: YesNo

* 5-page Sample: Links to 5 pages of your webcomic. This does not need to be sequential but should be representative of your BEST work. Note that if you do not have at least 15 complete comic updates in your archive to review, your application will automatically be disqualified at this time.

* Synopsis: In 250 words or less, tell us about your comic.  Do not send an essay or a manuscript.

* Would you rate your comic work-safe or NSFW (not safe for work)? (Note: Spiderforest is happy to accept comics across the content spectrum... but some of us do review submissions at work or around our families, and we appreciate a heads-up!): Safe for workNot safe for work

* Update schedule: Tell us how often your comic updates.

Referral: How did you learn about SpiderForest applications being open? Has a member asked you to apply?

* Why you and your comic would make a good addition to SpiderForest: Please tell us what both your team and your comic will bring to the SpiderForest community!

* I am comfortable with maintaining and building my own site (such as using CSS/HTML or a system like WordPress, etc.)

* All creators involved in this comic have consented to apply to SpiderForest.

A note about hosting your comic on the web

You are welcome to apply to SpiderForest regardless of where your comic is currently hosted, unless you are a member of another exclusive network such as Hiveworks. We are offering free indefinite hosting in the August 2017 application round to a limited number of accepted applicants. However, you will need to be able to create/modify a website to be a member here, therefore we prefer applicants already have a website available for us to read their comic, not merely a gallery (DeviantArt) or a social media page (Tumblr). SF members are ready and willing to assist new members as they learn to handle their new website. If you’re not even sure if you want a website, try out places like DrunkDuck, ComicGenesis or SmackJeeves If you are hosting your comic on the following types of sites, you will need to move your main site to our host (free!), or independently self-host yourself at your own cost, if you are accepted:

  • Gallery Sites (DeviantArt, Flickr, Behance, etc.)
  • Comic Hosts (Tapastic, Smackjeeves, DrunkDuck,, Comic Fury, etc.
  • Social Networks (Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
*Note: This list is not exhaustive. As an example, if you currently host your comic on Webtoon, you can definitely apply. If accepted, you can keep Webtoon as a mirror, but your SpiderForest-affiliated site has to be 1 update ahead, and your SF-affiliated site must be hosted by you, and NOT with another free comic host. See #9 on our FAQ for more details.


SpiderForest is an exclusive collective. This means that if you apply here, you are not a member of another collective or network. There is some leeway in the definition of a comic collective these days. We define it as “a network of like-minded, inter-dependent sites with a shared audience that have a community dedicated to members’ growth (personally and professionally) in comics.” This definition does not include places that are a tool to increase site visitors only, such as genre-based link exchanges, or hosts, like SmackJeeves and ComicFury. If you’re not sure, feel free to email us at and we’ll do our best to clarify.

Mirror Sites:

If accepted as a member, you are definitely allowed to maintain a mirror site, however we ask that your SF site be your main site and that it be at LEAST an update ahead of any mirror sites you may have.


SpiderForest members do not sign a contract. Your work belongs to you, we do not buy it or sell it. A member may leave at any time. We are not a brand or company. The only time we redistribute your artwork is on our home page ( and member sites (in the network exchange) to advertise your work through promo material that you submit expressly for that purpose. Being advertised with fellow comics is both a requirement and a benefit of membership.

Ad revenue:

SpiderForest does not have a commercial ad network, nor does it require members to display commercial ads, only the collective link exchange. Each member may chose to display ads from any network if so desired, and keep all revenue. Ads must be appropriate for most audiences (no NSFW ads).


SpiderForest is not a publisher, we are a host and collective. If you wish to publish your work in print, you must do so using your own funds. Lots of members have experience both preparing work for print, and crowdfunding print runs. We are happy to offer advice!

Domain names:

Members are encouraged to register their own domain names. SpiderForest does not own, buy, or register any member domain names, though we do provide hosting if requested.* Any new member who does not have a domain name receives a subdomain, for example, *Note: we only provide subdomains on those instances where we’re taking new members who require hosting. Please check to make sure when you apply. Sometimes we are only offering membership to comics that already have private hosting.