Friday, August 17, 2012

August news

New comics for August!
Iron Clad Man
Snow by Night
Demon Hunter Kain

If you’re interested in joining SpiderForest, application season opens again in January. Reapplicants are always welcome, and we look forward to reading your comics come next season.

And now for the August member news.

dream*scar is going on hiatus on August 3rd so that Heather can evict that pesky baby she’s been harboring for several months now. Feel free to keep up with news about the comic’s return or other d*s related things via twitter or facebook.

Willow’s Grove will hit episode 900 next week (which, really, the numbering is kinda’ off as I am finding more of my older strips in either digital copy or hardcopy and rescanning them to put into the archive so the number is actually over 1100, but I’m using the numbering system from the restart in 2008 for the 900 number).

Part 2 of Twilight Lady: OCCUPY Senserealm begins this month. WARNING: Chapter contains cameos by characters from 3 SpiderForest comics – LeyLines, The Only Half Saga, and Dream*scar!

Sunset Grill turned four years old and reached 350 pages in the first week of August. The creator is trying to look like she planned that.

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