Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SpiderForest news for July 2012

SpiderForest is open for applications until the end of July. If you’ve been thinking about it, now’s the time to get your application in!


The Only Half Saga’s last chapter of Endgame – “Life’s Stupidities” comes to a conclusion on July 4th! With every ending there is a new beginning and TOHS is no exception. Beginning the very next Monday (July 10th), “Not Ready to Die” joins the ranks with a three time a week update schedule! Hope to see you there!

The Online Store for Leylines is OPEN! Whether you’re looking for the ultimate collector’s edition hardcover Volume One, the sleek and money-saving Paperback or you’re in the mood for fun buttons, bookmarks, and [url=http://mokopress.storenvy.com/collections/89007-posters”>posters, the there’s something exciting for you to discover! Explore the Online Store today!

The online store for Malaak, Angel of Peace has been revamped, providing easier access to the books as well as original art and other collector items.
Malaak‘s also been on the international scene this week being a guest at the Hay Festival, with a feature by Paul Gravett.

I just finished putting together School Spirit’s 100th story arc, which has been running on site for about a week or two so far. 100 story arcs is a milestone, isn’t it?
News for SPINE! Chapter 3: Infiltrators is complete. In July, the second book will be on iBookstore and Chapter 4 will begin! Stay tuned for the third apocalypse.

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