Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Member News for Spring 2012

Think Before You Think now has its own forum! Come join the discussion – vote for your favorite character, and tell us what superpower you would like to have.

News: SPINE #1 is also on available on Amazon Kindle as well iBookstore.

A new Twilight Lady tale, “OCCUPY Senserealm”, begins! The Nameless Lady in the Hood wakes up in a realm completely alien to one such as she – a college campus! Where a strange sort of gathering is taking place… one with a mystery guest of honor from a neighboring dimension.

The Only Half Saga begins the final chapter of Endgame: “Life’s Stupidities.” With that the title has moved up to two updates a week! Check back every Wednesday and Saturday for a new page!

posted by Tiana at 8:30 pm