Thursday, April 5, 2012

Member news for March 2012

April is a big month for the Gemutations universe!

April marks the 7th anniversary of the publishing of “Gemutations: Mercenaries and Angels”

As a celebration of sorts, the sequel, Gemutations: Plague is now out in the written version for kindle! If you’ve been dying to see the story in it’s written version, wait no more! The book will also be added to the direct lending library for those who have a premium Amazon membership! Borrow away! The more clicks the better!

Additionally the Gemutations: Plague comic officially turns 6 years old this month!


News: SPINE #1 Submarine Sundrive Complex is now available on iBookstore for all you iPads and iPhones.


The latest Twilight Lady storyline, Dance of the Indwellers, reaches its powerful conclusion this month!

posted by Tiana at 3:46 pm