Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 2012 Member News

Happy new year! SF admission season is officially open once again, you have until Jan 24th to apply. Information can be found on the apply page! Here is our member news:

This month is Comic Creators for Freedom, of which Think Before You Think and What it Takes will be participating! Donate to a great cause!

The first two Twilight Lady collections (Volume 1: Demon Corridor and Volume 1.5: Tall Tales) are now available in digital (PDF) format for $0.99 each at drivethrucomics.com.

School Spirit has been updating daily for the last week and a half to make sure it reaches number 1100 on December 18, just in time for the annual End Of Year Series. Yup. 1100 on December 18.  And on January 24th I’ll be publishing School Spirit #1111… Yup. Surely a row of four 1s is a milestone! I mean… I won’t get another row of 1s for another 10 000 strips!


Updates for “Cetiya” are switching to Wednesdays! Mark your calendars. Or, you know, whatever you do to remember what days those comics you like update.


The first 3 volumes of Malaak are now available as e-books, both in English and French, each with a generous serving of bonus material (36 pages for the first two, 46 pages for vol. 3) including sketches, outtakes and a photographic commentary of the locations used in the comic. Links to the e-books can be found on the order page.


Riven Sol turns two tomorrow (Jan 4)!


The written version of Gemutations: Plague is currently being edited/formatted for publishing as an E-book. While she doesn’t have a definite date of release, Darwin wants to let readers know it is coming! She will update the news on the site as progress is made! She is halfway through edits and hopes to have it completed before the 7th anniversary of M&A in April. (long before that hopefully)


The War of Winds will be reaching 400 pages in December! In the most recent turn of events, a long-lost character has appeared on Earth, along with a creature that just won’t die. But in a world with different rules, how is the same, old battle going to turn out?

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