Thursday, October 6, 2011

Member News for October 2011

SpiderForest is raising money for an artist in financial need by selling prints! Get prints of your favorite webcomics here!

The Only Half Saga will be reaching its 300th official page on October 12th (barring any unforeseen delays)! The readers get the rewards of this milestone! Check the page on October 5th for a breakdown of the “Name that Frame Contest” and to get a first peek at the rules – slated to start on October 13 and run through the 17th! The winner gets a full page/full color piece of art! The following Wednesday, October 19th, there will be a special surprise for readers! Darwin hopes you’ll join her for the fun!

The first chapter of Twilight Lady: The Indwellers is now available in its entirety online! 25 full-color pages filled with otherworldly intrigue involving strange demonic entities, weirdly-shaped horticulture, and the mysterious leader of a goth-rock band. And of course, the death-dealing troubadour from the nether realm known as the Lady in the Hood. Twilight Lady’s readership has nearly doubled since this storyline began… find out why!

Malaak: Angel of Peace is in the official selection of the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d’Algérie, and I’ll be in Algiers next week to present volume 4 at the event. :D

Apple Valley is back! I’m going to spend the next few updates doing a tongue-in-cheek “crappy recap clip episode” and then resume normal comic functions. Also, I’m looking for an artist to do backgrounds for me.

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