Sunday, September 4, 2011

Member News for September 2011

News for the SpiderForest DeviantArt group: I am in process of putting together a Icon contest for the Deviant Art Group for Spiderforest! I need contributors for art, I need people who would like to participate and other details! To give feedback, cast your lot into the participants bin, or you want to help by donating prizes please see the details on the Spiderforest Deviantart Group profile

What it Takes celebrates 150 comics on September 2nd! Our annoyed heroine Colbey must decide if dangerous long-shot is worth the risk to find her fiance Peter. On a personal note, Kez is super excited to have started medical school classes and will be trying as hard as she can to maintain her comic schedule.

Cetiya has launched a brand new site layout this month! Head on over and check it out.

School Spirit doesn’t know if 1050 comics counts as a milestone. Drop on by and tell Dutch you think he’s insane! Of course it does!

Code Name Hunter may have no news this month, but they are still amazing.

posted by Tiana at 12:34 am