Monday, April 4, 2011

April 2011 Member News

Here is SpiderForest member news for the month of April!

Requiem does it’s 2000th comic on April 25th.

April will herald Plague’s 5th year as a webcomic! And we’re only halfway through the tale! Another five to go? Perhaps!

March 31st was Number 200 for Apple Valley as far as “In Canon” comics (77 canon from Apple of Discord, 123 dedicated Apple Valley). And, Kallisti (and Kez) will be appearing at Penguicon April 29-May 1st!

Dutch of School Spirit has good news, but it’s the kind he doesn’t want spread around. That’s not vague at all!

Kez of What it Takes wants to invite everyone over on April 6th for a brand new site design to celebrate (albeit a bit late) the start of Book II!


posted by KEZ at 11:57 am