Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December 2010 Member News

Hello SpiderForest webcomic readers! Here is your monthly dose of network news.

First, SF is scheduled to once again accept applications for new members from January 1st-24th! If you have a webcomic that meets our very simple criteria as outlined on the apply page, please consider applying or telling your friends about the opportunity! Questions not addressed on the apply page should be posted on our forum.

Lora Innes (of The Dreamer) is once more calling for comic creators across the globe to join the Comic Creators Alliance to raise funds for Love146 and Gracehaven, two organizations working to help the victims of sex trafficking. If you are interested or know a comic creator who might be interested, check out http://comicalliance.weebly.com/index.html for more information.


From School Spirit: Each year around the third week of December, just when the End Of Year Series of larger one offs begins, up goes that year’s End Of Year Report Strip. It’s pretty well one of the characters reading an end of year report about the strip, much like any school report. The trick here is, I rely on readers to send in comments that go into that strip.

In short… if anyone’s reading and wants to contribute… jump in quick and send some commentary about the previous year’s strips and it might make it into that particular strip. :)

Other than that… just finishing off the last storyline of the year before a few holiday stand alones over Christmas before starting again in the new year.


Planes of Eldlor wants your vote for the holidays! Here’s the deal – we have our sights set on a high ranking on TopWebComics for the month of December. If we’re within the top 60 on December 20th, there will be one extra update on Thursday of that week. If we’re within the top 40, there will be two extra updates that week. And if we reach the top 20 – three extra updates that week!

Do you accept this quest?

(We don’t expect this to be an issue, but we recently saw someone get thrown off of TWC because their voters cheated. So to that effect, there’s only one rule – vote legitimately! Thank you guys!)


Colbey has been searching for Peter Wolfe for quite sometime in KEZ’s comic What it Takes, and while it may be a long time until she finally finds him, at least you can see them together! This wallpaper featuring Colbey and Peter on a park bench before The End can be purchased for only $1.50 from Chez Kez. It’s gone Dec 15, when a new image becomes available!


More news as it comes!

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Monday, November 1, 2010

November 2010 Member News

Happy November from SpiderForest!

The 2010 Webcomic List Awards will be open for nomination from the 8th of November until the 20th of December. Nominations are open to anybody involved in comics, either online or in print. This year’s categories: Best Art. Best Writing. Best Character. Best Colour Comic. Best B/W Comic. Best Long-form. Best Gag-A-Day. Best New Webcomic. Best Webcomic. So, go and support your favourite webcomic(s)!

As if Between Places wasn’t updating enough, now Tiana’s going for 50k or bust! Follow her progress on the NaNoWriMo site!

Nahast is now 8 years old!
On November 2nd, Nahast reached it’s 8th anniversary, coinciding with the nifty Day of the Dead. Alex tried to have something special ready for it, but it’s been a very busy year and the specialness will be coming little by little… starting with a new site design! Sleeker and simpler, and with new options to share, explore and participate.

Kez is very proud and embarrassed to announce her main character Talon, who has been asleep/unconscious/bleeding out of his eyes for THREE YEARS (real time, half a night comic time) finally wakes the heck up on November 8. Be sure to check it out!

As usual, and around this time of the year, jaygee prepares to be hit by the annual milestone. His trigger-happy duo infernale turns two. This year however, jaygee has decided to contact the Edward Cullen Hospital in London prior to the impact to book the milestonectomy in advance.

The first Volume of Weave has concluded with page 80 on November 4th.

Time to get ready for another spin. The next chapter is a 30-page interlude between Volumes One and Two intended to reveal, relieve and leave you wondering.

To mark the occasion, check out a special bonus page, live on Monday November 8th!

Life’s a Witch spent the month of October parodying Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart” for Halloween. The entire arc has been collected on one page for sharing! Enjoy and pass along to your friends!

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