Sunday, June 6, 2010


June 7, 2010 Requiem has it’s 6th Anniversary.

Even typing it out feels surreal ;)

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 2010 Network News

Hello everyone! Those of you eager to apply to SpiderForest during our normal admissions month, we apologize, but we are moving application season to JULY. Since so many of our members are busy out of their minds during December, we’ve decided to move our bi-annual application season ahead a month to January and July. It is very late notice, we only just decided ourselves, but no worries–applications will be accepted as normal starting July 1st.

Anyone who has sent in an application already will not be penalized, but applications will not be considered until NEXT month. We do ask that if you’re interested in applying you hold off in sending your application until next month as well. Thanks!

Here is the updated information on how to apply to SpiderForest.

And here’s our member news!

Cetiya” is celebrating its second birthday! Erm… second official internet birthday! Today! I.e. June 15th! Specifically, it is celebrating by not posting any special content until next Monday. Because its illustrious creator forgot about it. Again. We can celebrate that part, too.

Between Places celebrates two years online on June 17th.

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