Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 2010 Member News

Well, it’s that season of the year when most people in academia are either panicking as the semester ends, or rejoicing because the semester has FINALLY ended. Either or–congrats!

From Dutch of School Spirit, we have:

Made 850 regular strips at the start of May.

Will reach six years in the middle of June.

And it’s another rough spot for Nahast; Al-X is swamped with work, even if a part of said work was working on the awesomeness that is Green Ronin‘s DC Adventures project, writing the official RPG stats of many DC superheroes like a certain member of the Green Lantern Corps and two former Teen Titans. Add to that the beginning of summer storm season and the subsequent power outages coupled with some weird electricians’ union political crazyness, and a week-long visit from his mom (who is also awesome, but still takes up time :) ).

Al-X is mad that he hasn’t been able to fully enjoy his shiny new pen tablet because of all of this.

Lastly, Kez would like to announce she has survived her first year of grad school (yippie!) and her newest comic, What it Takes (rated R) has reached thirty pages. The first issue is even for sale!

That’s all for the news so far. Remember that in June, SF starts to accept applications for new members! If you’re interested, application season is fast approaching!

posted by KEZ at 9:51 pm