Monday, February 1, 2010

February 2010 Member News

Going straight to the news! This post to be updated as events come along.

From mvmarcz of Avernyght: In February Whisp’s Journey begins and the new site design is up. The archive has been split and now the entire site has all content up.

Simon would like to remind everyone his new comic Sakana No Sadness starts February 1!

Chris Wall reports that Fuzznuts and Nonsense are both actively updating once a week and the sites have been overhauled!

From Net: TTG’s update, though a day late due to Michelle and Vort’s honeymoon/anniversary, marked our 5 year and 50th comic page. Also,¬† Net would like to announce that his toenails are now sufficiently clipped enough so that he no longer catches on the sheets when he goes to bed at night.

February 2 was HOURLY COMIC DAY! Comickers are invited to do a comic each waking hour about something that happened the previous hour. Spider Forest member Samantha Wikan (Life’s a Witch) tried her hand at Hourly Comics for the first time this year and here is the result. She said it was great fun and will definitely participate next year… and try to be doing some more interesting stuff, too!

On February 9th, Between Places hits 200 updates! And Tiana  would like to announce that she is now eating a chicken sandwich prior to beginning to paint her next update.

Two SFC members have been involved in staging The Webcomic List Awards 2009 . The award ceremony goes live on Febuary 7th. Find out who the internet voted the best webcomics of 2009.

Chirault will be hitting the milestone of five sketchbooks filled, along with sixty markers and twenty-eight ink cartridges disposed of at some point during the month of February!

Dranxis adds: “What Nonsense will have its second year anniversary on Feb. 8th. Or at least, that’s roughly when I started the comic… Close enough!”

Jaygee regrets to announce that his new project, “The Spicer-Peppermint-Rothborough-Ultimatum. An Ultimative Webcomic Ultimatum.” will have to be put on hold for the foreseeable future. He has been hit by a milestone and is currently recovering in the Edward-Cullen-Hospital in Oxbridge, South London.

Briana would like to remind everyone that for the time being, RMTOADS will only be updating on Monday.

KEZ also has a reminder, that her newest comic What it Takes started up January 20, and is updating Wednesday/Friday with new strips! Also, her long-running fantasy epic The War of Winds starts a new chapter February 1!

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