Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2010 Member News

Happy New Year! We had a great turn out for applications during the December 2009 application month. Thank you to everyone who applied! There were some VERY difficult choices, but in the end we all agreed to invite these five wonderful comics to join us!

Planes of Eldlor

Smyzer and Blyde



Scattered Leaves

There is also a lot of member news this month, so let’s get to it!

Michelle announces that Tales of the Traveling Gnome turns 5 as of this month, will finally (hopefully) hit 50 pages too!

Next, after two great years, The Artiste Manquee will conclude and retire this month. Thank you to everyone who read and enjoyed it! Watch for a new comic series by the same author in the near future.”

Mvmarcz of Avernyght says, “My current story is slated to end in January and the new one starts Feb 1st. there will be teasers to bridge the gap.”

From Chris, “After ringing in the new year, you now have an excuse to keep partying! Precocious turns one year old on January 1st, and everyone’s invited to join the celebration!”

Wolfy of The Gods Pack announces a return from hiatus near the beginning of January, and her other comic Beyond Rapture sometime in mid-January!

From Nick Perkins, Cooties returns from hiatus on January 4th! Don’t miss the alien-ninja-superheroey conclusion to “Infestation”!

Dutch of School Spirit says, “I’ll just be quietly continuing on my way in January…”  by which he REALLY means that he just passed 800 strips and you should go check it out right now.

Lastly for SF news, KEZ’s new post-apocalyptic adventure story What it Takes starts January 18! Come check out the website and see the previews until then! The story is rated R for language and violence, and will update 2-3X weekly.

Finally, we had quite a few members here submit artwork for the Comic Creators’ Alliance against human trafficking! Donations for a wallpaper featuring all the submitted characters will be accepted starting on January 11, which is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day in the US. Spread the word!

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