Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2009 Member News

Next month starts the next round of SpiderForest admissions! Get your applications ready, because we’re all eager for some more new faces!

Some great news this month from members as well. First, Nahast is 7 years old!

On November 2nd, Nahast: Lands of Strife turned the venerable—for webcomics—age of 7 (not 8, as Al-X, the doddering author, miscounted last week).

Part of the celebration is… a normal update page, since this is the first chapter in Nahast’s history not only to enjoy an uninterrupted run of timely scheduled updates despite Al-X’s outside projects, but also had a couple of double-update weeks thanks to readers’ generous donations.

Well, the real anniversary celebration is a contest! Extended by one week to end on November 9th, anyone can participate to win a first prize consisting of a free, full-color art commission, and a print copy of Mecha & Manga, a role-playing sourcebook for Green Ronin’s Mutants & Masterminds game that Al-X wrote and was released earlier this year. You can find all the information and bases here!

Meenakshi reports, “Next week I end my first chapter in Kinnari. The new chapter “Cursed city” will continue hopefully without a break.” Kinnari will be added to our roster and rotating banner shortly! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Three SpiderForest comics were nominated for awards over at the Webcomic Readers Choice Awards, hosted by Webcomic Planet! Nahast and Sunset Grill were both nominated for best writing, and The War of Winds was nominated for best site design. Any deserving votes from SF readers would be much appreciated! It takes 2 seconds to register.

More news to come!

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