Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October 2009 Member News

Only 2 more months until SpiderForest once again will be accepting applications for membership! If you’ve been sitting on a project, now is the time to get it up and started so we have something to look at come December.

Here’s your member news:

Samantha Wikan of Life’s a Witch will be attending the Dallas Webcomic Exp this November! Please come out and say hello!

Net reports, “TTG’s coming up on our 5th year anniversary, as well as our 50th comic page (if you don’t count title pages). In an odd coincidence, both of these events happen at EXACTLY the same time, in January… we’re putting out a call for anyone that might have some fanart that they’ve held onto, because we’d like to make this an event-kinda thing. Also, we’ve switched formats again and have gone back to color pages, because Michelle likes em better in color.”

Kez of The War of Winds reports that her comic will now be updating on Tuesdays, because grad school and commuting between 2 cities is taking up too much time. Also, that you should keep an eye out for the pre-production teasers of 2 up-coming comics: From Earth to Heaven and What it Takes.

Between Places is finally done with the back posts, updating in real time with all new content!

posted by KEZ at 8:33 pm