Sunday, April 12, 2009

April News

Sorry about the late post!

First, a second new arrival to SpiderForest! Douglas MacRae of Acorn Place announced the birth of his daughter Miranda Cheyne MacRae on March 16, 2009. Welcome to the world, Miranda! With the new birth, Douglas has decided to indefinitely halt production of Acorn Place, but don’t worry loyal readers! Anubis Rising is still coming last I heard!

Second, April 26, 2009 is The War of Winds‘ FIFTH anniversary online. Kez (that’s me) is planning a week-long birthday bash of guest art updates and other special treats starting Monday the 27th. I will also reach my 300th update this month as well. Yay for consecutive celebrations!

Third, it’s only 2 more months until SpiderForest will once again be accepting applications for new members. If you’ve thought about starting a comic, now is the time! If you considering applying before but didn’t go through with it, here is advance warning. Details on the process and what we require can be found on our Apply page.

posted by KEZ at 7:28 pm