Friday, March 6, 2009

March News

Network News:

Update! Congratulations to SF member Matt Summers of Tales of the Traveling Gnome, proud father to a new baby girl!  See pictures and offer your own congrats to the family at Matt “Net” Summers’ thread “The Littlest Naga of them All.”


Life’s a Witch comic is now streaming drawing days every Tuesday and Thursday! Come chat with Samantha as she draws the comic, or sketches or does fan art for her favorite strips. Drawing sessions start every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am US-Central time (CLICK HERE to see what that is in your time zone).


Cooties is requesting guest strips where you can cameo your own characters and pimp your own comic! You can check out details here.


The SpiderForest Community is hosting a monthly creative theme exercise in our forums. This month, the theme is “weather.”

Write a poem, short story or scene, or sketch or paint a picture or comic panel using the current theme. Post your creative efforts in THIS THREAD or just browse and be inspired.

There is no obligation to post commentary on people’s art or writing, it is just a personal creative exercise to build up our creative muscles! So ooh and aaah and post your work and know that others are oooh-ing and aahhh-ing at yours.


The War of Winds just upgraded to a new site design! Check it out!

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