Monday, October 13, 2008

Lift Off!

Welcome to the new face of SpiderForest! A lot has been happening behind the scenes here at SF, and most of it has been to not only increase the usability of our site, but also to increase the exposure of all SF comics to webcomic readers! We hope you like the changes!

If you haven’t visited our front page for a while, there are probably some new comics listed here you have not read before. This past summer, SF decided to open up admissions to the network once again, and would like to officially welcome our new members!

Avernyght, by Mary Sneddon
Cat Legend, by Kat Santoro
Catalyst, by Esther Chuah
Cooties, by Nick Perkins
Emergency Exit, by NJ Huff
Nahast: Lands of Strife, by Alejandro Melchor

These comics bring up the number of active member comics to a whopping 13, which includes three side-comics by current members, including Legends (by Will Ritter), Not Alone (by Kez), and Pet Store Life (by Scott Kyle). In total, SF hosts 29 comics, including those on hiatus and/or completed.

In what we hope will become a tradition, here is the latest news from our members:

Emergency Exit hits 1000 comics, Monday October 13th!
Cooties reaches 150 comics!
Arc II of Not Alone, a War of Winds side-comic, begins and updates all of October.
Sex Percussions is back, and updating 2x a week!

SF would also like to thank the following sites for helping to spread the news of our new set up!
Palace in the Sky Comics
Psychedelic Treehouse
Choice Comics
The Floating Lightbulb
The Devon Legacy Prologue

That is all for now! This new area will be updating at least monthly, so bookmark this page and check back for the latest goings-on here at the ‘Forest.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

A little piece of art…

My first experiment with underpainting…a little piece called “Red”

posted by maximkovalenko at 11:23 pm