Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sudden Flash of Inspiration

Usually, I have ideas for one or two chapters of Nahast ahead of the current storyline; I have time to figure out the theme, goal, cool scenes and what I want to accomplish with it. This process usually takes me several days of random thought and inspiration, then several months of actual execution.

Well… today inspiration struck. Hard. Like a Mack truck.

I had the next episode pretty much laid out, but I started thinking that I wanted to squeeze in some aftermath to the current chapter, to bring closure to a few situations. Then the idea began to snowball. It grew during lunch, gaining cool scene idea after cool scene idea, then the theme to tie it all together came out on its own, dragging along the perfect place to drop a major plot point in the overall story.

So… the next episode is not going to be a fun action chapter peppered with some background plotting and the aforementioned major plot point dropped with not as much weight. It’s going to possibly be one of the darkest, most intense and full of pathos chapter so far, and in a very long while.

I’d give details, but I’d be spoiling, and in any case the current episode is not slated to end in at least 4 months at a steady weekly update pace. The only living soul I’ve told is my girlfriend, who is both my muse and my soundboard.

Which brings me to a second question: I thought to do as many other webcomics do, which is a full chapter update rather than a weekly update. I’d ask readers for patience and other artists for guest strips while I do the whole package to be uploaded in a single go. The idea is that the story is going to be a very cathartic episode in the lives of four of the protagonists, and a weekly schedule might dilute the emotional effect.

Accomplishing the deed is another matter, though… without the pressure of a scheduled update I think I could produce three pages a week, the thing would be how much pressure I will get when the story reaches that point.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Presenting a side-comic

For the month of August, I decided to update with an uncolored side-comic of The War of Winds, giving me a break from the art of the most recent story arc. Not Alone is a story that details the origin of Relan (“Re-lawn”), a character that will appear in Chapter 10 of TWoW. This side-comic takes place 4 years before the current story.

The story proper will continue starting in September, when I finish Not Alone, which is scripted for 16 pages.  If you’re interested, you can read the side-comic here.


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Saturday, August 9, 2008

New logo?

I’ve been tinkering around in my mind about needing a new logo for Nahast.  Something bolder, a bit more dynamic. The current logo doesn’t scale down well, becoming unreadable in small banners and buttons. So I threw this together. Opinions?

Lands of Strife - new logo

Nahast: Lands of Strife - new logo

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Late, late, always late!

I even had this one done EARLY, but was a doofus and didn’t post it. Three sizes if anyone is looking for a wallpaper! Al-X and Maxim, I love your designs!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Spiderforest Swimsuit Wallpaper…

A little something for the season, the big 5 female characters in Requiem.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

SpiderForest Swimsuit Wallpapers!

Heroines in swimsuits!

Heroines in swimsuits!

Doing the epic thing leaves little time to relax, but this summer there was some free time laying around…

I always missed this kind of events over at KeenSpace on account of never checking the forums in time, and this year summer ALMOST went by as well, so I conned a couple of SpiderForest fellows into joining the fun and make a wallpaper with each of our protagonists in a relaxing, swimsuit scene… So, let the fun begin!

(Yyyyeah… I may have been the one to suggest it but I’m the last to finish his piece… but it’s here! Click on the image for the full size!)

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